Space Clearing

I believe that dwellings have a life, a personality and perspective all their own. One part of the work Shamans do is space clearing. Whether a home, a business or another type of dwelling, this process rids the space of dense energy and allows clear, vibrant, vital energy to flow. When clearing a space, I invite the people who live or work there to join me in the process. Almost always, when I find a dense energy, it has been brought in or activated by the person dwelling there.

When we first moved into our house a shaman performing a space clearing noticed several energies that we had unknowingly activated through our presence. When we move into a new space we may feel that we are getting a fresh start, but we inevitably bring much of our old “stuff “ with us. But when we move into a new space, we also inherit much of the “stuff” the previous owners have left behind. In clearing these energies both from the space and from the people who dwell in the space, we can truly create a fresh start.

Consider having your space cleared if you’ve recently moved into a new home or office. Space clearings are also useful after a relationship ends or if some sort of trauma occurs in the space. I perform a space clearing on my own home every year just to refresh the energetic flow. Recently I cleared a space for a man who had been living in the same apartment for twenty years. Soon after his fiancé moved in a pipe burst and forced them to take temporary housing for several months while the damage was repaired. I saw this as a gift to the couple, offering them an opportunity to start fresh together. During the clearing, patterns they were holding onto emerged, as well as energy accumulated in old objects and from past guests who had stayed in their home. At the end of this process they felt like they had truly moved into a new home together.

I also recently spent a month clearing an office, retail and residential building that had been sustainably renovated. Not only did I clear out accumulated energy from the building, which was built over 100 years ago, I was also able to help the owner reinvent her mission for her business and create clear intentions around the people who would be drawn into the space.

If your space is in need of clearing, please let me know. I truly love doing this work and supporting you in creating the kind of dwelling where you can become your best self, create the abundance and success you deserve and flourish as an individual and as a family.