E Yoga Private Sessions

Private Sessions

E Yoga™ private sessions are a combination of yoga, coaching and shamanic healing to help you access the most vital and powerful version of yourself. Whether you are struggling with certain yoga poses or  grappling with the challenges of life, E Yoga private sessions will help you address the issue through a truly holistic approach.

Elizabeth believes that pain, illness and limitations in the body are connected to stress and limiting beliefs held in the mind. Through yoga and pranayama the body becomes stronger, more flexible and relaxed. Through deep breathing the mind and body relax. Through Shamanic healing we remove negative subconscious patterns, and through Coaching we can change our limiting beliefs.

For the past 15 years Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to create a holistic approach to healing that helps us access our wholeness and step into our power. In addition to yoga and meditation, Elizabeth he has studied neurolinguistic programming, the Sedona Method. Shiatsu massage, Life Coaching and Shamanic Healing to create this customized approach to total wellbeing.

I have been working with Elizabeth for nearly 4 years and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She easily adapts her knowledge and energy to suit my practice, completely tailoring each session on any given day. and totally in the privacy of my own home; it’s a luxury that’s worth every penny!        – Candace Worth, Manhattan-Based Private Client