Vinyasa Flow & Shamanic Journey – NYC, Westside

Join Elizabeth for a sacred evening of vinyasa flow yoga and shamanic journeying. For shamans, journeying is a form of both meditation and lucid dreaming that helps us access the parts of ourselves that lie beyond our conscious minds.

We will begin with a vigorous vinyasa flow practice to connect mind, body and breath. Then we will transition into the practice of shamanic journey. You will be guided on a journey to the realms beyond your conscious mind to connect with the lost parts of yourself that are yearning to be reintegrated. Through the use of pranayama and rhythmic drumming you will enter a state of peace, which allows you to see things from a new perspective. After the journey we will do a process to integrate what we learned.

Elizabeth is the founder of E Yoga and Total Transformation. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 15 years. She is a practicing energy healer and life coach and continues to study the ancient art of shamanism with the Four Winds School.

This workshop is open to All Levels. Please bring a small stone with you and a notebook for the journey.
Yoga Works Westside