Total Transformation – Alchemy of Yoga and Shamanism

Total Transformation:
The Alchemy of Yoga and Shamanism
with Elizabeth Flint

Saturday March 9, 11am-2:30pm

$75 | $60 before March 2 | REGISTER HERE

Total Transformation is a journey of awakening from pain and confusion and moving towards the freedom and joy that is our true nature. Based on the teachings and writings of Elizabeth Flint’s book, Total Transformation, this workshop combines the power of yoga to open and inhabit the body, meditation to harnessing the power of the mind and shamanism to release the pain of the past and step into our destiny.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Yoga Poses to Activate the Chakras
  • Breathing Practices to Ignite Vital Energy
  • Meditation to Direct the Power of the Mind
  • Shamanic Healing to Illuminate the Chakras

Recommended Materials:
A copy of Total Transformation (available for purchase at workshop)
A stone (smaller than the palm of the hand)
A notebook and pen

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Flint is the author of Total Transformation. Since 2001 she has taught yoga and meditation to tens of thousands of people, leading workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in New York City and around the globe. She weaves shamanic healing and coaching into her work, creating a powerful tincture to support people in transforming their lives.

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