Chakra Workshop, Brisbane

chakras-300x220The Chakras are vortices that absorb the energy of our experiences, the way the body absorbs food. When we take in negative energy it often gets stuck in the energy body, making it more difficult for us to heal the body, mind and soul. Elizabeth has created a holistic practice to restore and revitalise the Chakras to create health and healing in all levels.

Through this journey you will learn:
* The structure and purpose of the Chakra system
* How to clear and harmonise your own Chakras
* Yoga poses to clear the Chakras
* Pranayama to clear energetic blockages
* Meditation to realign and revitalise the Chakras

Location (MAP):
Raw Power Yoga, Brisbane

Breakfast Creek Wharf, Suite 8/194 Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead 4006