Energy Healing

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is a melding of ancient healing practices from the shamanic traditions of South America and modern neuroscience. This combination creates potent medicine to help clear dense energy from your being and illuminate your energy body. Energy medicine helps reorganize the nervous system to relieve chronic pain, help change unwanted habits and shift limiting beliefs.

What can I expect from a Chakra Illumination?

The chakras are energy vortexes, which take information from the outside world and funnel it into the nervous system. Healthy chakras filter out dense, negative energy and allow only light, vibrant energy to come into the body. However, when we experience trauma of any kind, the energy body may receive a wound, which we call an imprint. When this happens the chakra cannot filter out that negative energy so we experience it over and over again.

In a chakra illumination you will chose an issue you want to work on- physical, mental or emotional. Together we will determine what imprint caused this pattern to arise and which chakra was imprinted. We will then use non-evasive healing remove the imprint, thus allowing the chakra to return to its normal healthy state. This is like removing a splinter that has become infected and continues to cause you pain. Once it is removed, the body, mind and heart can begin to heal.

What happens after a session?

You will be given some type of homework, a way to bring the illumination of the chakra into your daily life. I will check in with you in 48 hours to see how you are feeling. Sometimes people feel wonderful after a session. However sometimes things get worse before they get better. It is a detoxification process. If this happens feel free to contact me with any concerns. It may just be your system working it out or you may need another session to fully clear the energy.

Note that energy medicine is not the same as western medicine. It works on the level of the soul and may or may not show up in the physical body for a long time. We can’t always see or feel the effects of the healing right away, but rest assured that they are very powerful.